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Here at the FX Matt Brewing Company we have a long history of environmental stewardship and have been recycling and reusing spent brewery grains, wood pallets, glass bottles, aluminum cans, corrugated cardboard and office paper for decades. The brewhouse has incorporated sustainability initiatives into every aspect of its operations, including daily production, marketing, and warehousing while achieving a 99.1% recycling rate. This was accomplished by producing 14,112 tons of recyclable and reusable materials and while generating only 101.46 tons of solid waste.



Recycled Materials Include:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Malt and other brewing ingredient bags (paper and plastic)
  • LDPE plastic film
  • PET plastic straps
  • Polypropylene plastic lids
  • Scrap metal and tin cans
  • Wood and plastic pallets
  • Metal and plastic kegs
  • Plastic and metal drums
  • Plastic flavor containers and 5 gallon pails
  • Fluorescent light bulbs and rechargeable batteries
  • Computer and other electronic waste


Working closely with NYSERDA we installed an anaerobic digester in 2012, which breaks down the brewery’s waste water and converts it to energy which is then used by the brewery for production. The methane gas produced by this process powers 40% of the electricity used by the brewery.

Additional green initiatives include:

  • Spent hops from the brewing process are composted at the Oneida Herkimer Solid Waste Authority’s Compost facility.
  • Spent grain from the brewing process is used for feed at local dairy farms.
  • Installation of geothermal heat pumps to heat/cool our warehouse.
  • Utilizing hydro-electric and other renewable sources electricity suppliers to operate the brewery.
  • CO2 collection and re-use
  • Replacement of high-energy incandescent light bulbs with low-energy fluorescent and LED light bulbs.
  • Installation of motion sensor lighting in many areas of the brewery to save energy.
  • Promotion of responsible and efficient water usage in all areas of production.
  • Utilization of high pressure/low flow hose nozzles for cleaning equipment. Development of a “Green Team” with a Sustainability Supervisor.
  • Use of general recycling bins in new areas of the plant. Installation of Variable Frequency Drive motors to reduce overall electricity use.


FX Matt brewing began with a “local” mentality, which not only reduces our carbon footprint but also boosts the local economy.  We have always sourced as many local ingredients as possible and have used as many local vendors as possible.  Some examples of local vendors include:

Aftek Inc.
AOK Instrument Service
Aquatrol Technologies
American Tartaric Products
Beaton Industrial Inc.
Bokland Custom Visuals
Briggs of Burton
HF Brown Machine Co.
Chemical Distributors Inc.
Critical Path Engineering Solutions
Creative Concerts Inc.
Digital Hyve
Dupli Graphics
DWS Associates, Inc.
Elevattitt Inc.
Engler Electric, Inc
First Choice Staffing
Gauthier Sheet Metal Inc.

Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy, Inc.
Greater Utica United Way
Hummel’s Office Equipment Co.
Irish Welding & Carbonic Corp.
JGB Enterprise Inc.
Lupini Construction, Inc.
Made in Utica
M & R Heating Air
Wheelock Disposal Services
McIntosh Box & Pallet Co. Inc.
Midway Industrial Supply
Millbower LLC
Mohawk Valley Water Authority
Northland Communication Group
Northern Safety
New York State Teamsters
O’Brien & Gere Inc. of North America
Postler & Jaeckle Corp
Pacemaker Steel & Piping Co.
Park Outdoor Advertising of NY

Paul de Lima Co.
Retro Serrento
Reynold’s True Value Hardware
Rheonix, Inc.
Rig All Inc
Schare & Associates
Sierriani Signs
Site-Seeker, Inc.
S.S. Steiner, Inc.
Sweeteners Pluc Inc.
Two Brothers Contracting
United Diary Machinery Corp
United Flavor Corp
Utica Boilermaker
Utica Coffee Roasting Co.
Utica Glass Co.
Utica Valley Electric
Wrobel Farms

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