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The FX Matt Brewing Company is the only brewery in America to have three district tours in craft beer:

  1. Our founder, FX Matt, was making craft beers pre-Prohibition (including his West End IPA (AKA Legacy) in1914)
  2. The “Utica Club” brand was notably crafty for the WWII era, having made a large variety of styles
  3. Finally, we came full circle back to our craft roots when we initiated the Saranac brand in the mid-80’s.

Why does all of this matter? It Means we’ve got a whole lot of expertise in the craft space.

Today, the company is headed by the third and fourth generations of the Matt family, Nick, Fred, and Nick

Nick Matt joined the company in 1989 and is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the brewery.  Nick has led the effort to refocus the brewery’s business from more mainstream products to specialty beers and other beverages.  He has guided the development of the Saranac brand and successfully led the brewery into new areas of expansion within the craft beer market.

Fred Matt also joined the company in 1989.  Fred Matt is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the brewery.  He has been successful in leading the brewery into new areas of growth within all of our brands.  He has successfully rebuilt the sales and marketing organization in order to support the growth of Saranac.

Nick R. Matt (Nick’s Son) recently joined our company in 2013. He brings his previous experience with Proctor & Gamble to managing our marketing program for the Saranac Brand as it continues to grow.

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