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The most frequent comment when other brewers visit our brewery revolves around “the best of the old and the new.” Some true relics, like our timeless copper kettles and decoction vessels in our brewhouse, add a real sense of history, but you can also find some of the country’s most cutting-edge technology in our brewery. When you combine all of our heritage and knowledge with the technology and capability of today innovative products are born.

Great beer starts with great ingredients because of our size and our long-standing relationships, come harvest time, we get “first dibs” to hand select the best portion of each batch of hops and grains.


Brewing Technique: No other craft brewery in the country has decoction vessels, which lets us over-deliver on the depth of flavor from our grains. Decoction – where we remove part of the mash, boil it, then return it to the main mash – this process unleashes chemical magic. You know how a fully prepared meal tastes better than a microwaved meal? That’s what decoction does for beer – we vary temperatures to maximize flavor. Funny word. Serious flavor.

Fermentation: We are one of the few brewers to still boil our wort in copper kettles. We’ll spare you the alchemy lesson, but let’s just say when the wort moves on to fermentation, that exposure to the copper makes the yeast very happy. Andy happy yeast makes for better beer.
Aging: Eleven aging cellars. Horizontal tanks. A traditional cool aging process that’s softer on the beer. It all helps us produce a more well-rounded flavor.
Laboratory: One of the most advanced labs in the industry allows us to test all elements of the brewing process, and the learning from our lab is refined in our pilot brewery.
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