Irish Roots Pack

Available In:

Irish Red Ale: Select malts are crystalized, caramelized, and delicious-ized to develop a wonderful roasty sweetness and a rich, deep garnet color. 4.5% Alc/vol. Slainte!

Irish Golden Ale (NEW!): Brewed with flaked oats and biscuit malts, providing sweet, nutty, and toasted flavors, with smooth caramel and floral hops. 5.5% Alc/vol

Irish Lager: A Pale Lager with notes of toasty, biscuit, sweet malts and a touch of floral-herbal hops. Perfect for blending with our Irish Stout. 5.2% Alc/vol

Irish Stout: A dry Stout with a smooth slightly roasted taste that makes for an easy-drinking ale. Try mixing with our Irish Lager. 5.5% Alc/vol