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  •    Monday, February 9th, 2015
       4:46 pm
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12 Beers a Springing

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12 Beers a Springing

Legacy IPA: Our founder’s century-old IPA recipe is full flavored, hop forward and blends our breweries past and present. We use lighter malts which allows the hop flavor to shine through. We’re proud to share our legacy of great beers.


Irish Red Ale: Carefully selected batches of Two Row malts are specially kilned and roasted to produce the wonderful caramel and toffee notes that accompany the rich color of this unique Irish Red Ale.


Cloud Splitter: Bursting with Citra hops, our twist on a Belgian-Style White is hopped like an American India Pale Ale. Unfiltered. Unapologetic. Unbelievably good.


Bavarian Pils: This hoppy pilsener is brewed with the unique Mandarina Bavaria German hop, which showcases a citrusy-earthy character. A traditional German lager yeast provides a crisp finish.