Legacy IPA 4-Packs are Here


After adamant demands from Saranac fans for more of the 125th anniversary celebration brew Legacy IPA, F.X. Matt Brewing Company has announced that pints will soon be sold in four-packs.

Originally only available on tap or as a free bonus pint in specially marked, limited time packages of award-winning Pale Ale, White IPA and Trail Mix, the new four-packs will be hitting store shelves in late November.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with requests for more ways to get Legacy IPA,” said company President Fred Matt. “Who are we to argue with the masses? Our customers know what they want so we’re going to give it to them.”


Legacy IPA was born of a recently re-discovered original IPA recipe by company founder F.X. Matt. That original IPA recipe used the most innovative ingredients available at the time, and inspired current brewers to adapt it in homage to the company’s history. The current Legacy IPA features a blend of historic, traditional and innovative hops for a heavenly aroma and full-bodied flavor.

“Who knew one of Saranac’s newest beers would be from a recipe so old,” said Saranac fan Donald Lindhuber of Liverpool, N.Y. “When I found the Legacy IPA in my 12-pack, I knew this was going to be good. The inviting aroma of hops with a taste to match…This beer needs a pack of its own!”


  1. Daniel p Bowen says:

    Bought Saranac in ROCK HILL Sc before now I can’t find it .I grew up in Endicott Ny and drank Utica Club and even took the brewery tour years ago .git back here!

  2. Scott says:

    Saranac Legacy IPA is the Bomb!

    So Good!

    I am waiting for those Pounder 4 packs to show up! When’s it going to happen?

    Thanks for a great, tasty product!


  3. Jeremy says:

    About time, this stuff is the best…please market your product in VT. When are you selling by the case/12 packs?

  4. Rich Selander says:

    I got into Saranac back in the 90′s. I also introduced my teenage son to
    RESPONSIBLE drinking with Saranac in the mid-to-late 90′s and am PROUD to say that he is mid-30′s, still responsible, and still drinking Saranac.
    One problem however: we both drink beer from bottles, don’t like the tinny-taste of cans. When are you going to bottle some Legacy IPA, for the millions$$$$ of us who don’t like cans ???!!!???

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