1888 F.X. Matt reorganized the brewery to form the West End Brewing Co. - it all began with 12 employees, and 4,000 barrels of beer a year.
1920 Prohibition is called for under the 18th Amendment, the brewery produces Utica Club soft drinks and other non-alcoholic products to stay in business.
1951 The company is passed on to F.X.’s son, Walter Matt.
1965 Time to share the love - the brewery opens its doors to the public via its Tour Center. Still offering tours today, click here to schedule a tour.
1979 A “party ball” you say…Matt’s original Beer Ball is introduced - a new packaging concept that is a disposable plastic ball that holds the equivalent of 55 twelve-ounce beers.
1984 The company continues down the innovation path and is one of the first to produce a more authentic, full-flavored, specialty beer at the inception of the “craft” beer category, a product called Saranac.
1986 The company begins contract brewing many of the East Coast’s most successful brands: New Amsterdam Amber Beer, Pete’s Wicked, Brooklyn Lager, Newman’s Albany Amber and Dock Street Amber.
1990 F.X., Nick and Fred refocus the business from more mainstream products to specialty beers, placing emphasis on Saranac and successfully leading the brewery into new areas of expansion within the craft beer market.
2008 You read it right; another award…Saranac Pale Ale wins an International Award at the World Beer Cup.
Late 2008 The brewery’s packaging facility suffers a fire, but quite a bit of determination and commitment to our family-run brewery had our bottling and canning back up and running in less than a year.
2010 We know good beer when we taste it, so we decided to purchase the Flying Bison Brewing Company of Buffalo, New York.
2011 Our growth and success pays off, we’re ranked as the 6th largest craft brewing company in the U.S. based on beer sales volume.
2012 Launch one of the first White IPAs to market (a Belgian White aggressively hopped like an IPA) and some of our best seasonals ever!
2013 We’re turning 125 years old! So to make sure we maintain the momentum of our family brewery, Nick Matt’s son, Nick R. Matt joins the company from Proctor & Gamble to manage branding and marketing.
Now You’re up to speed, but trust us…there is a lot more in store. Be sure to check back often to see what else we have up these family sleeves.