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  •    Monday, January 19th, 2015
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Black Forest

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Black Forest

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of the dark …

The malt we use to brew this beer is what gives it a really nice, dark color. The cool thing about it, it gives it the color without tasting too roasted or chocolaty, resulting in a beer that’s not real heavy. This is very common for a traditional German black lager, or Schwarzbier.


One of the hops we use in this brew, Mt Hood, is a U.S. grown variety. Although it’s grown in the U.S. due to good growing conditions, it has a lot of German lager characteristics making it perfect for Black Forest.


If you gave someone a blind taste test, they would tell you it was a beer on the lighter side. Because of this unique characteristic, its a great gateway beer to darker styles. So, if people say they don’t like dark beer, have them try it!

Brewer’s Notes

Style: Bavarian Black Beer
Food Pairings: Hearty spicy foods, sausage or mexican chorizo dishes
Description: A Bavarian Black beer with a distinctive caramel malt sweetness and a rich creamy trademark head. Flavorful, yet smooth ... very drinkable!
Cheese Pairings: Authentic Munster Chesse
Malts: 2 Row. Caramel Malt
Original Gravity: 13° Plato
Hops: Mt Hood, Hallertauer
IBU: 20   ABV: 5.3%


2014 Awards
Silver Denver International Beer Competition Munich Dunkel Category
Bronze New York International Beer Competition German Style Schwarzbier

2013 Awards
Bronze North American Beer Awards Schwarzbier
Best of the Mid-Atlantic Southeast Region United States Beer Tasting Championship Dark Lager

2011 Awards
Silver US Open Beer Championship Schwarzbier
Bronze Australian International Beer Awards Dark Lager

2010 Awards

Silver Australian International Beer Awards Dark Lager

2009 Awards

Bronze Australian International Beer Awards Dark Lager
Bronze European Beer Star German Style Schwarzbier
Bronze Great American Beer Festival American Style Dark Lager
Silver North American Beer Awards Black Beer

2008 Awards
Bronze Stockholm Beer Festival Dark Lager
2nd in region United States Beer Tasting Championship